Lars Hempel and Michael Firmont are two studied film composers who have been working together under the umbrella of their established film composition brand Hempel&Firmont since 2015. Having entirely different musical backgrounds, Hempel&Firmont cover a great variety of compositional styles – surely one of the major aspects that give the duo their unique edge and already enabled them to successfully realize a bunch of international projects in Los Angeles, Germany, Great Britain and Asia. Thanks to a professional education in audio engineering, Hempel&Firmont consistently deliver excellent quality of production.

Lars Hempel

Lars Hempel was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1991. His musical passion is the piano which he has been playing every day since the age of four. Moreover, Lars Hempel is an educated singer and clarinet player – especially the singing had a great influence on his musical career when he wrote his first songs for his award-winning pop & soul duo Soulystica and later founded the a-cappella ensemble Mumpitz which he has been heading for 7 years as their lead composer and singer. In terms of education, Lars Hempel first focused on audio engineering (diploma and bachelor’s degree at SAE Hamburg, Germany) to later pursue his studies of film composition at the conservatory of ArtEZ in Arnhem, Netherlands. Throughout all this time, Lars Hempel has been working as a piano and music production teacher and, simultaneously, refined his musical and compositional skills by contributing to various projects like short films, web series, documentaries, movies and musicals. His musical preferences focus in the fields of film music, pop/RnB, classical music, funk/big band and jazz.

Michael Firmont

Michael Firmont was born in Saarland, Germany, in 1987. Actually, Michael Firmont found his path to music rather late: It was not until the age of 19 that he started to play the guitar and soon discovered his passion for the instrument – as well as for music in general. After having completed his education as a nurse and having worked in oncology for several years, Michael Firmont made his first steps as a professional musician by working as a guitar teacher. At the same time, he fell in love with film music and started to work on his first projects in this field. To further improve his compositional craft, Michael Firmont then took up his studies in film composition at the conservatory of ArtEZ in Arnhem, Netherlands, where, ultimately, he met Lars Hempel. By now, Michael Firmont has contributed to dozens of musical projects like e.g. short films, computer games, movies and documentaries. His musical preferences focus in the fields of metal, fusion, film music, classical music and jazz.